4 Simple Tips to Help Your Application Get Noticed

By Red Letter Resumes

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4 Simple Tips to Help Your Application Get Noticed!


Sometimes it feels as though your application gets lost in a large black abyss. Why haven’t you heard back from the company? How long is too long? What can I do to get a response? This can be frustrating, especially when you have your heart set on the position. The job market has become extremely competitive and there is no room for errors. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of a few simple tips that you can easily implement to help your application get through the initial review process.

1.     Apply Correctly. I know this sounds like common sense, however, some people disregard what the posting says and applies via the website and then sends an application via email, and then applies thru LinkedIn, etc. Read the job description carefully. The company will tell you how they want you to apply; this includes formatting and any other supporting materials required. Sending it a million times through different avenues won't get you better results. Do NOT deviate from the specific instructions. This will automatically disqualify you and annoy the recruiter. 

2.     Follow Directions. This is in my opinion another biggie which can make or break your candidacy. If you can’t follow directions in the application process, how are you ever going to follow directions in the role you are seeking? You will be a nightmare to work with! No one wants to work with a know-it-all or someone who believes the rules do not apply to them. Please don’t be this person! Show employers you can follow the simplest of directions given; demonstrate your ability to listen and follow-through.

3.     Make It Easy To Be Contacted.  Your contact information should be easy to access and find within your resume and cover letter. Don’t make it difficult for the recruiter/hiring manager to reach you. Make sure you always provide a phone number and an email address. Different recruiters reach out in different ways. Making it hard to access your contact information this early in the process makes you an easy elimination because no one has any investment in you yet. Stop giving them an excuse to delete your name from the potential hire list. 


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4.     Name Your Resume File. When you submit your resume it can easily get lost in the shuffle. HR gets hundreds of submissions for numerous positions actively being filled. Make sure you title your file with your name: for example JohnSmithResume.Doc. If your resume somehow got separated from your application, a quick search can be done to find it.

By following these four tips, your application is more likely to get in the hands of a recruiter and puts you in a better position. They may seem like little things, but they are important to get you through the initial screening process. With hundreds or even thousands of applications stacked against you, do you really want to take a chance by not doing the simplest of tasks?

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