5 Tips To Perfect Your Resume!

By Farheen B. Khan

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1. Check your grammar and spelling!

Yes, it is an obvious one but the amount of resumes with spelling mistakes, poor grammar and general sloppiness is just shocking.


2. Presentation!

Another obvious one, but presentation is important. Not only does it separate you from the rest of the pile, but it speaks volumes about who you are as a person. I’m a stickler for good presentation and have skipped resumes if bullets were misaligned. It’s a tell-tale sign of lack of attention to detail. Good hiring managers pay attention to this!

3. Condense information!

If you’ve worked for a number of companies, in various roles, over a number of years, this isn’t an easy task but it is a crucial one. If you are unable to summarise your career profile, it says a lot about your ability to condense information. So, what can you do?


4. Content!

This is the crux and most important part of your resume. If you don’t articulate your experience adequately, you’ve done yourself a disservice. If you have a wealth of experience in different sectors and don’t know how to ‘market’ yourself, it might be difficult for recruiters to place you. 


5. Hobbies, Achievements and Other

Many people don’t take the time to detail their hobbies, other achievements and certifications/training. This is absurd. In an interview it can help break the ice and give you an 'in'. I’m not saying it’ll get you the job, but it can get your interviewer more engaged.

Author Profile: Farheen B. Khan is a British, Dubai Based Free-lance Writer. She spent the last fifteen years working in Financial Services (Accenture, Barclays Capital and Credit Suisse) across a number of regions. She has written a novel and writes for business, travel and lifestyle features. For more information visit: www.farheenbkhan.com or follow her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Feeniestar

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