5 Ways To Deal with Job Loss

By Cori Swidorsky

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While some people may see a job loss as a challenge which opens up new opportunities, most associate job loss with strong negative emotions. At first, it is natural to have some negative feelings after a job loss. Some feelings and experiences that you may have after losing your job include:

Here are 5 ways to help you deal with job loss

1. Adjusting: One can start adjusting to job loss by using a little psychology. There have been a lot of studies done on how to deal with loss. Psychologists have found that people often have an easier time dealing with loss if they know what feelings they might experience during the "grieving process." Grief doesn't usually overwhelm us all at once; it usually is experienced in stages. The stages of loss or grief may include:

While you may well experience the stages of grief outlined above, they may not necessarily be in the order mentioned. If you experience strong negative emotions during these stages, you may need a break from your job search until you reach the acceptance stage. Most people can function in the earlier stages, as long as they remain aware of their feelings and are able to keep these emotions from affecting their activities. For example, if you're still in your "angry" stage, it's important to understand that expressing your anger during a job interview could be self-defeating.

2. Keep Healthy: Your body will be stressed to the limit as the challenges ahead test your strength and endurance. It is important to keep healthy and in shape. Try to:

3. Coping with stress: Stress inevitably will be part of the job search process. Here are some coping mechanisms that can help you deal with stress.

4. Keeping your spirits up: Here are some ways you can build your self-esteem and avoid depression:

5. A new beginning: As hard as it is to be out of work, it also can be a new beginning. A new direction may emerge which will change your life in positive ways. This may be a good time to reevaluate your attitudes and outlook.

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Article Source: Department of Labor State Agencies

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