5 Ways to Ensure that Your LinkedIn Profile Grabs a Recruiter’s Attention

By Laura-Jane (Kerr) Sarkodee

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We are all familiar with LinkedIn as ‘the’ professional online network, but the sad truth is that whilst users are on the increase, the typical user is not maximizing networking opportunities on this fantastic site and only spending on average 21 minutes per month there.


If you are one of those individuals who are not making the most of LinkedIn and you are either looking for a new job, or open to hearing about new opportunities, then this post is for you!  I will walk you through the best way to pimp up your profile, to get noticed by Recruiters are make the process of job searching much easier for you.

1.  Upload a Professional Headshot

2.  Create a Seductive Headline

3.  Write a Killer Summary

4.  Ask for Flattering Recommendations

5.  Join 50 Industry Groups

So, there you have it!  5 ways to ensure that your LinkedIn profile grabs a Recruiter’s attention.  Why not set aside a few hours this week and pimp up your profile, so that Recruiters start approaching you about new opportunities instead of having to chase them?

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