Communication at Interviews and Work

By AGE Medical

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We always must recheck the form of communication used whilst at work and on interviews. The affect it can have on employers, employees and co-workers can be vital to the success of your career.


There are Four Main Types of Communication


Passive - Gentle communication. People that use this communication often say YES to everyone, and are controlled very easily. This is NOT a good form of communication and can cause you to be used and thought of as being a poor decision maker.

Aggressive - Dominant communication. People that use this form of communication are very bossy, and are ALWAYS right. What they say goes. Be careful not to mistake Agressive with Assertive. This is a rapport destroyer.

Passive Aggressive - Spiteful communication. The worst form of communication you can use. People that use this, you will find hold their feelings in and tend not to disagree AT FIRST, then snap!!! 

Assertive - Confident communication. The best from of communication. People that use this form of communication ALWAYS focus on the issue and never the individual. Very controlled and measured thinker. Listens well and gives commands respectfully.

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Antone Husbands, Director - AGE Medical


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