First Rule of CV Writing - Think of Mandy...

By Martin Ellis

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Mandy is a recruiter. Mandy, and thousands like her, spend a good deal of their day matching people to jobs, and to do that Mandy reads CV's...... lot's of CV's....... thousands of CV's .....too many bloody CV's! So next time you're sending off your CV in the hope you land the dream job, think of Mandy.

Mandy wants to do a good job. No. I'm wrong. Mandy wants to do a great job. To do this she will have a universe of possibly hundreds of people to choose from. She will take a lot of care to present people to her clients who will make her clients happy. Before she presents these people, Mandy will show a lot of care about her final selection, but before that, Mandy will use some shorthand to use her time efficiently.

Mandy has bad days. Some of them (most of them probably) are driven by a full day reading CV's. It can be a hideous expereince. Here's what makes me go cold when I see a CV for the first time. I suspect Mandy feels much the same:

Already I am feeling disheartened. How can anybody lack so much awareness that they think that volume equates to any level of decent communication ?...

...but I soldier on...

The next CV comes up on-screen. It's just packed with lots of words. There's no white space. This is getting no better.

It's a hard life in recruitment.

And so it goes. Far too much detail and going way too far back in time.

If you're writing your CV, think of Mandy. She's a nice person. It's just the CV's that send her to drink.

She doesn't want much:

It's only Tuesday, but already it's been a 'bit of a week' and Mandy's knackered. It's not her fault.

If you really want to contribute to Mandy's health and well-being, just give her what she wants in simple form. Lots of detail and tight writing crammed onto a page is NOT going to help you get past Mandy to your dream job.

Keep things simple and clear, and Mandy will be your best friend. Trust me. The cheque's in the post.... and if you'd like a draft CV format, I'd be happy to sent you one if you email me

In case you doubt me, Mandy is a real person. You can meet her here. She will help you if you help her. That's how the world works.


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