Freelancing: Is It The Right Career Move For You?

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Making the career move from working full time for a company to freelancing can be a nerve racking experience. How can you tell whether making this career move is a good decision for you; when you should make this career move; what steps do you need to take to maximise your chances of success? While the decision to make the transition is a highly personal one, there are factors that can help you should you decide to embark on such a career move. Here are some questions you should be able to answer positively before you leave your full time job to leap into the world of freelancing:

Freelancing: Is It The Right Career Move For You?

Questions To Ask Yourself re. Freelancing

Once you are able to answer these questions satisfactorily, you should make sure you have 6-12 months' living expenses saved. Why? Going out on your own is hard, and even if you have a few clients lined up you are sure to hit rough water as a freelancer. By having a cushion, you can reduce the pressure you will inevitably feel without a steady paycheque. You should also wait until you have made significant networking connections - meaning you will want at least 3-5 years as a full-time management consultant / business professional under your belt before going your own way. Here are some tips on things you can do before you transition to freelancing that will make this career move easier:

Once you make the jump, you will want to make the transition as smooth as possible. Try to leave your job on good terms so that if your past employer isn't hiring you as a freelancer, they can at least give you favourable recommendations and referrals.

Additional Freelancing Tips


Our thanks to Raj Modi of for contributing this piece on whether freelancing is the right career move for you. For other freelance consulting resources, be sure to check the StrategyExpert site.

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