How Anyone Can Add Measurable Accomplishments to a Resume

By Kate Rodriguez

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Every resume expert advises it – adding quantifiable accomplishments to your resume. Using numbers is a powerful way to demonstrate what you’ve achieved.  Examples like, “Drove regional sales from less than $5 million to $9.2 million within two years, exceeding quotas by an average of 15% each year” or “Resolved an average of 500 customer inquiries per week and consistently ranked in the top 10% for response time and volume” catch a hiring manager’s eye, give you more credibility as a candidate and help you stand out from the crowd.

Great...if you work in sales, marketing or customer relationship management. Or if you occupy a senior role with hiring authority, budget oversight or P&L accountability. In other words, if you work in a numbers-driven position, it’s easy to measure how well you’ve performed and add those metrics to your resume. But what about everyone else? Many people -- such as administrative assistants, teachers, writers/editors, engineers, IT specialists, and nurses -- have a difficult time quantifying their work in numbers.

It’s possible in almost any position, however, to tease out enough figures to make your resume shine brighter. Take a look at these phrases and see if you can adapt a few to suit your experience:

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