How to Get a Job Through Referrals: Jobs With Friends

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Never underestimate the power of a job referral, and certainly never underestimate your ability to get one through your connections.  Hiring managers and HR recruiters know that their networks, as well as their employee’s networks, are one of the company’s most valuable assets.  As a result, recommendations from company employees are not taken lightly.

If you need to be convinced, check out these stats:

Asking for a referral is as much social as it is professional, depending on your relationship.  Keeping in touch with people is a crucial building block when it comes to networking.  In today’s media-saturated world, having an active online presence puts you steps ahead of the average jobseeker.  Being active on LinkedIn or Twitter, writing a blog, and staying connected both online and in real life are small steps to getting a referral.

Networking can be done anytime, anywhere, and with anyone.  The bottom line is that people know people.  All it takes is one connection to get you to another…and another…and another. recognized the value in this logic and created Jobs With Friends, a social tool that allows jobseekers to leverage their Facebook and LinkedIn contacts to find jobs or hiring companies.  One of its most notable features is the “Ask for Referral” button, making it most efficient to ask connections for referrals. 

Being referred to a job is your Fast Track Pass to the top of the application pile.  This is a chance for the employer to assess both a current and potential new employee, which is why getting the recommendation is just as important as the person you ask and how you ask them.  Be sure that you are as confident in your connection as he or she is confident in referring you for the job. 

Your connection is the middleman in this recruiting process; middlemen know both sides of the operation.  Provide him or her with a resume and goals; show them who you are and how you could fit in with the company. 

Larry Nash of Ernst & Young says, “Our analysis shows referred hires perform better, stay longer and are quicker to integrate into our teams.”  If your job search strategies don’t seem to be working, switch it up.  Test the strength of your connections and get hired by asking for referrals.  For those new to or intimidated by the process, Jobs With Friends might be the best way to get your feet wet. 

People are interested in getting to know each other using social media just as employers are interested in finding new recruits through current employees.  Job referrals can make the difference in your job hunt. 

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