How To Use Facebook To Improve Your Online Reputation

By Tony Restell

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How To Use Facebook To Improve Your Online Reputation

These Facebook ideas really caught my attention. Conventional wisdom is that a good LinkedIn profile can enhance your professional standing and career prospects; whereas your Facebook account is most likely to detract from your online reputation.

Hence this contribution from the ComeRecommended team really stood out, focusing as it does on the ways you can proactively use Facebook to actually improve your online reputation. The ideas aren't rocket-science, but at the same time I suspect they're things that the vast majority of business professionals and jobseekers have not remotely considered taking the time to do.

I hope the ideas prove helpful to you - and if you've any other suggestions please do add them in the comments section below...


How Facebook Can Help You Improve Your Online Reputation (via A Hire Calling)

The following is a guest post by Mike Zammuto. It goes without saying there are certain things you just don’t do on Facebook—especially if you are in the market for a new job. Job seekers are advised to keep slovenly, drunk photos off of their public profile — and to abstain from using coarse…

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