Interview Styles Series – #2 Behavioural Interviews

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Behavioural Interviews

This increasingly popular interview style is designed to give the employer a better insight into how you have behaved in previous roles. The basic premise is that your past behaviour will be an indicator of future behaviour.

These interviews require examples to demonstrate your skills, experience and strengths. For instance, instead of a question like “What are your major strengths?” you may be asked, “Can you give me an example of a time when you used your organisation skills to meet a deadline?” or “Tell me about a project you have worked on that has required strong leadership abilities”. A good way to think of these interviews is like telling a story; your story in different situations.

Questions in behavioural interviews are more pointed and require detailed responses. You can be asked the same question in a number of different ways. This is to determine that your skills are of a high standard and used in different scenarios.

In behavioural interviews you are judged on the quality of your examples. The key to acing this interview style is to have an arsenal of examples up your sleeve. Use the STAR method to answer -  the situation, your task, action taken, and result.


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