Interview Styles Series – #4 Group Interviews

By One2One Resumes

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These are often used by larger companies with a number of positions to fill. They usually consist of a presentation about the company, its culture, employee benefits, an overview of where they rank in the market place and their key goals. This is sometimes followed by a Q&A session.

After this there are a number of ways the interview can proceed. Some sit down and speak briefly with each candidate whilst others break into smaller groups. You will most likely be asked the same series of questions so that candidates are assessed against the same criteria.

If you are broken into smaller groups you will usually be asked to conduct work related assessments. For instance, you could be given a task to complete and then present your work to the larger group. These tasks are set to observe you ability to work in a team, as well as assess your interpersonal skills, leadership abilities, etc.

Sometimes candidates let their guard down in group interviews because they don’t feel as though they are being as scrutinised as in an individual interview. Don’t fall into this trap. You will be watched from the minute you enter the room – your body language, interaction with other candidates and communication skills will be assessed.


In group activities:

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