Jeff Herzog - Your Job Search is a Bare Knuckle Fight

By Tony Restell

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If you are looking to accelerate your job search, these are the insights you really need to transform the results you're getting. We were thrilled to be joined this week by Jeff Herzog, who shared with us many winning tactics for today's jobs market. The author of Your Job Search is a Bare Knuckle Fight, Jeff gave us the hard facts and harsh realities about what it takes to really succeed in today's jobs market. Feedback from the attendees was outstanding - and you can find the full recording of this briefing below.

Your Job Search is a Bare Knuckle Fight

Jeff explored a variety of issues that can hamper your job search efforts - and stressed the activities you need to focus on to succeed. Topics covered included:

Job Search Advice from Jeff Herzog [Recording]

I'm sure you'll find this extremely valuable - and thanks again to Jeff for giving his time so freely. The attendees were hugely appreciative of his insights and I'm sure you will be too. Outstanding advice.

"Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with everyone - tons of useful information - specifically on using the phone, contacting the hiring manager and tips on interviewing"

If Jeff can help you or your business, you can connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter @FPCofNYC. For now, all the best in accelerating the results you're getting from your job search efforts.


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