Job Application Tips: Do References Matter?

By Social-Hire

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If you haven't crafted a job application for a while, you could be forgiven for asking if references matter any longer - at least the type you post on your CV / Resume.

The web is brimming with insights into our professional abilities, from written recommendations on LinkedIn to compliments posted on Twitter to how others interact with us in social networking groups. Does your job application really need any supporting references to win over an employer?

Providing some great steer on this question is why we're thrilled to share this guest post with you. Based on some hard data, it hopefully answers the question once and for all. But what's your experience been? Please do share in the comments section below.

References And Your Search For A Job (via A Hire Calling)

How much care and attention do you put into your employment references during your search for a job? For many job seekers, this important part of the hiring process is often overlooked. A new study from CareerBuilder cautions job seekers about the references they cite when applying to companies. The…


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