Private or Public Sector: Which Sector Suits You Best?

By Career Savvy

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For our economy and communities to run smoothly we need both the private and public sector to offer sufficient levels of employment. But how do you know which sector will suit you best? Whether you’re looking to get your first step on the ladder or you’re changing careers, there are of course pros and cons to consider. The truth is, it depends on what is more important to you and your personal preferences as some of the pros below may be a con to someone else. To give you an idea of which sector is best for you, check out our comparison below. 

Private Sector


Public Sector


Before making your decision about which sector to work in, consider the above advantages and disadvantages of each as well as thinking about the values that are most important to you. Are you looking to find a role that’s rewarding and stable? Or do you prefer working towards deadlines and earning a high salary? To increase your chances of finding the best role for you it’s important to be clear about exactly what it is you’re looking for.


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