Speaker Tips on Overcoming Fear

By Laurel Weber Snyder

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I have a very simple technique that works really well to help boost your confidence in your ability to speak. You can begin to use it right away in a variety of situations.  Here it is:

The problem: 

You’re stuck in habitual, negative, distracting behaviors.  Your fear of speaking is getting in the way of your need to express yourself well and confidently.

The solution: 

Almost without exception, clients with whom I’ve used this technique report that their fear behaviors significantly improve within a week or two, and often within only a few days.  The reason?  Just giving yourself permission to just become aware of your behavior and its triggers without needing to change, is immensely freeing.  This realization by itself, or when shared with a trusted coach or even co-worker, often boosts confidence and can create positive behavioral changes and better expression.  Try it and let me know how it works for you.

Wishing you all greater confidence and freedom of expression!

Laurel Weber Snyder is a public speaking, media and job interview skills coach. Follow Laurel on Twitter @wellspokencoach or visit her website: www.wellspokencoaching.com


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