The Importance of CV formatting [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Colston Careers

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I will set the scene: You have found your dream job, you fill in the online application form, attach your CV and hit “Submit”.

2 Days goes by..Normal

5 Days goes by..”Why haven’t they got back to me?”

2 Weeks go by..”Ok this is ridiculous, I will ring them”

The HR chick insists they never received your CV and the role has now been filled.

Unknown to many job seekers is that 72% of CVs never actually get through to the recruiter. This is because of a method of screening CVs called ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

This system parses the incoming CVs and extracts pieces of information from them, such as Skills, contact info, education and work experience etc. This information is then sent to an internal database where it is accessed every time a recruiter searches for a particular job role. When a recruiter searches for a job role, you are scored based on matches to that role from your CV data, and then top matches are then returned to the recruiter.

The Infographic from Resunate below depicts this process:


ATS infographic

So how do you make sure your CV gets viewed? Pimp it out with these simple tips:

Hopefully these simple methods will increase the amount of human eyes that see your CV and bring you closer to that dream role.

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