What NOT To Do When You're Unemployed

By One2One Resumes

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Job seekers who have been out of work for a while understandably become tired, deflated and frustrated. Often after a few weeks of persistent effort and no results, they fall into what I call the ‘I give up’ mentality. This is what it looks like:

Stop setting the alarm. What’s to wake up for anyway, it’s not like I have to be anywhere and the job board will still be there at 10am.

Stay in PJs all day. It’s not like I am going to see anyone, I don’t have to be anywhere – who says you can’t job search in your PJs?!

Develop hermit habits. Avoid social situations for fear of someone asking ‘how’s work going?’ or ‘what do you do for a living?’

Become night owls. Stay up until the early hours of the morning because ‘it’s not like I’ve got anything to do tomorrow!’


Unemployment does not make you a loser, a second-class citizen or a failure. You lost a job – not your entire being!


Some things to consider when faced with unemployment:

Make a schedule and stick to it. Routine is your best friend!

Get up and get dressed – just like you would if you were going to work.

Treat your day like a work day. Start your job search activities, break for lunch and then get back into it.

Map out a plan of attack and be sure to monitor your progress.

Keep talking to people – don’t simply job hunt online – talk to people.

Embrace your network – you don’t know if anyone can help unless you ask.

Watch your internal dialogue – don’t be negative – this is not forever, it is a temporary setback and you will triumph in the end.

Smile! When you talk to potential employers, when you write emails, smile – it works!

If you are one of those job seekers who hasn’t seen the light of day for a while because you’ve lapsed into unemployed despair, take a deep breath, regroup and hit it again fresh.

Yes, unemployment is terrifying and quite simply sucks – majorly!

But you’ve got no choice but to keep looking until you secure a role so make the best of a bad situation and try to enjoy the process.

Being positive and upbeat will help your search.



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