5 Ways to Capture the Power of Alumni

By Catriona Mcdermott

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More and more corporates look to winning back former employees to meet the demands of growth and particularly if they have “niche” skills that are in short supply and difficult to recruit. Alumni are a fast and cost-effective recruitment channel as both sides ‘know’ each other, settling in should be easier and productivity faster. The cost savings can be significant across resources, recruitment fees and on-boarding. Here are 5 ways to capture the power of Alumni:

1. Exit Interviews – A key opportunity towards rebuilding a bridge in need of repair and a key step towards creating goodwill towards your brand. Depending on their reasons for leaving, it is a great opportunity to :

2. Create Alumni Groups – LinkedIn, Facebook, Xing (for Germany/Switzerland) etc. It is best to capture employees before they become Alumni. It makes it easier to maintain an open communication channel. Alumni may not rush to join immediately after leaving but give it 6-8 months and they may well be open to receiving an invitation to join. Groups are a great communication tool as you can do direct messaging to members as well as share corporate news, communicate employer branding, post vacancies and generate referrals.

3. Alumni Relationship Program – create one to fit your organisation and resources. Take a look at some of the top universities who are doing a terrific job networking with their Alumni across global markets and who now offer a great service to corporates!

4. Extend Your Employee Referral Program To Include Alumni - let employees know that referrals from former colleagues are most welcome. Sorting out job or team fit should not be the immediate concern – this is looked at later as part of any recruitment process. But just to be the Devil’s Advocate – why not extend referral incentives to Alumni? Alumni probably keep friends with former colleagues who work for other competitors or service providers, they are constantly meeting peers through their own personal or professional networking efforts, industry/trade conferences and so long as the referral has no professional conflict of interest why not?

5. Invite Alumni to an annual company event - getting an invitation from the CEO or Director is hard to ignore and if anything extends another opportunity to engage in relationship building.

5 Ways to Capture the Power of Alumni is part of our Recruitment Masterclass Workshops.

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