Bill Boorman on LinkedIn as a Recruiting Tool

By Tony Restell

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Bill Boorman on LinkedIn as a Recruiting ToolBill Boorman shares some great insights about LinkedIn's use as a Recruiting Tool in the white paper below. He also argues a point that I strongly believe in - namely that LinkedIn is not a job board, but is rather a channel through which candidates can be engaged and proactively approached.

The point is made the LinkedIn is in a constant state of flux, always modifying the platform, monitoring results and tweaking new features. It therefore pays to be constantly alert to the latest developments. As you'll be aware, LinkedIn has evolved considerably in the last 12-18 months and anyone using LinkedIn as a Recruiting Tool needs to evolve their behaviour to reflect its reincarnation as a more social recruiting tool and networking platform:

"The modern recruiter needs to spend time talking and listening to their network, with a move away from the "post and pray" and "source and spray" attitudes that have prevailed in the past."

You'll have heard me beating the drum on this theme many times before - and it's just one of many messages Bill Boorman shares in this white paper that resonate strongly with me. Amongst the other topics addressed are:

Our thanks to @ColleagueRS for allowing us to share this paper with you - and to author @billboorman for sharing his insights with us.

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'LinkedIn and the agency recruiter' white paper by Bill Boorman from Colleague Software

Image source: Coletivo Mambembe


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