Can You Use Tumblr as a Recruitment Tool?

By Social Media Manager - James R.C. Smith - Vancouver, BC

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Twitter and LinkedIn are already established as recruitment sources, with Facebook keen to muscle in using its own in-site resourcing application.

Although Tumblr has 20billion monthly views, can a recruitment company use it to expand it’s network of talented candidates?

Questions to consider include:

To start with, as the network has so many users, it could potentially be short-sighted to ignore. Tumblr is a fantastic place to share content, with visuals being particularly popular.

While the company blog will remain a place to share news, views and relevant company issues, a separate Tumblr blog can be useful for combining content from a number of networks, including Instagram images, job postings and news articles.

Whether or not account-holders will want to connect with us on there is entirely up to them. Although by now people really should know that no matter where you put something online, it’s traceable to you.

As with any experiment, the only way to find out is to try, so come and join us on Tumblr HERE and let us know what you think. We’re also available on Twitter @puregenie and in our thriving LinkedIn group

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