Get Creative When Recruiting Candidates on Vimeo

By Calvin_at_Identified

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Compared to YouTube's 800 million unique users per month and over 3 billion views a day, Vimeo attracts a measly 65 million views. In an article debating whether YouTube or Vimeo was better for your business, both have their pros and cons. YouTube is a great way to recruit, but Vimeo may provide the perfect platform you need to find your creative talent. 

Vimeo deals with a more engaged type of audience and a smaller community. In terms of recruiting, niche companies can often use these niche communities to find more specialized workers. The different groups on Vimeo can be highly specific, ranging from After Effects Artists, Motion Graphic Artists, to 3D Animators Finding an ideal graphic artist or creative storyteller is very much a possibility with Vimeo. With over 8 million users, this pool of inventive members is at your disposal for finding talent.

There are different projects and competitions that brands can create in order to have their message seen. For example, Climate Matters created a competition with $4500 in prizes for the best user-made videos promoting their message against global warming. Use a contest related to your core business to find talent.

Additionally, creating a brand page on Vimeo can help you and your company stand out. Good content goes a long way! People appreciate well-made videos and making one that represents your company can help to show off your company's values and work environment. Plus, it helps you attract talent. Take advantage of this exciting community of artists. 

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