How To Gain The Right Twitter Followers

By Katrina Collier

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"How do I get thousands of Twitter followers, fast?"

This is usually the first question I am asked when I start talking about Twitter. And it's the hardest thing for a new tweeter to understand as it's not about the number, it's about the quality of followers.

Using myself as an example, I teach companies to use social media to hire their people. So I am looking to have Twitter followers who work in HR, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition etc. because not everybody will be interested in articles aroung social recruiting, hiring, social media etc.


If I analyse my followers on Followerwonk this is indeed what I have created:


Unlike Facebook or LinkedIn gaining followers on Twitter is a little more complicated. You need to gain their trust first.

When I am followed by someone new, this is what I do:

  1. I look for a profile picture - I don't like to follow eggs or logos
  2. I read their bio - are they interesting or are they selling me something?
  3. I compare Following to Follower numbers - are they following lots with few followers?
  4. I scan their tweets - are there RTs, articles of interest, genuine conversations or is it simply broadcasting? 



After all that, I decide if I will follow back or simply ignore them. It may sound harsh but it's true. Do you do similar?


How to gain the right followers.


1. Have an objective


2. Set the scene


3. Share great content


4. Find people to follow


5. Engage


This process isn’t fast but it will build you a great following of the right people

Any tips you'd add?


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Katrina Collier is an independent voice on social recruiting; speaking, training and writing about the use of social media for hiring and job search.  She shows companies proven methods for effective recruitment on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and a range of small and niche sites. Companies learn to find the right people on the right sites. Katrina teaches job seekers how to use social channels to gain attention and open opportunities. When not training, Katrina is a regular conference and event speaker and writes avidly about social recruiting & social job search.



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