How To Smash LinkedIn InMail Response Rates

By Tony Restell

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This last week I was thrilled to be joined by recruiting expert Billy McDiarmid for our regular Q&A session for recruiters. The purpose of these calls is to address whatever digital marketing / social media / candidate challenges you're facing, hopefully with answers that you can take away and implement in your recruiting team right away (and for little or no spend).

We kicked this session off - as we do with all our guest speaker sessions - by asking if there's anything in particular that our speaker would like to share with attendees. Billy really hit it out of the park this week, with a look at tactics he's been using to find and approach candidates - with response rates that a LinkedIn InMail user could only dream of.

LinkedIn InMail Response Rates

I also shared an example of how your social media presence can be transformed into a candidate attraction or client generation lead funnel, using the right tools and processes - and a focus on constantly A/B testing your elements to produce maximum success.

The full recording of the session is below. Any follow-up questions or feedback, do feel free to reach out to @billymcdiarmid and @tonyrestell.

Recording: How To Smash LinkedIn InMail Response Rates (and more...)

See you on the next live Q&A!


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