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By Jackye Clayton

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The Dumbing Down of Recruiting

"Much to learn you still old padawan." ... "This is just the beginning!" –Yoda

I didn’t walk 30 miles in the snow uphill both ways but I am a bit old school. When I started recruiting, there was no LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder or other social media outlets that are used so highly today.  When I started in this business, the word “recruit” was a verb.

Recruiting and sourcing has taken a dramatic turn, adapting with today’s technology which has changed the game.  For experienced recruiters, these tools are used to enhance the hunter skills that are embedded deep within the psyche of a true recruiter.  Technology, while it is so necessary to do our jobs, has changed the way we play the game as well as changed the definition of what a recruiter does. Often we call it “Post and Pray.”  I also refer to it as the “Dumbing down of Recruiting.”

News Flash:

The Word “Recruit” is a Verb!

If you are not enhancing your recruiting hunting skills as well as the way you use technology to find candidates, you will become obsolete faster than you know. The landscape looks completely different (as it should) then it did 10 years ago but in some interesting ways.  Look at the list below.  These were requirements for me and other recruiters to keep our jobs.

Yes **Padawan, we used to get 35% fees.  That was when recruiters were looked upon as valuable and resumes were faxed or mailed. (I told you I was going to show my age!)

The point is this. We are in the people business, Posting jobs, using job boards and scraping the internet should be a part of your recruiting strategy but not the entire strategy.  Meet your candidates.  Get referrals.  Understand the market.  It may seem silly but face-to-face is making a comeback. OK so I am old school, but give it a try.” If no mistake have you made, yet losing you are ... a different game you should play.” – YODA

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**Padawan -  A "Jedi" pupil, even with great skills he still needs to learn the Jedi secrets.


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