People Just Want a Shot...An Opportunity

By Will Thomson- Executive Sales Recruiter- Austin, TX

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Don't hire someone without first tuning in for this essential advice.

Every year millions of people are looking for jobs.  Some people are recent graduates.  Some people have been laid off from their employer.  Some people are looking for more work life balance.  Whatever the reason, it is very likely that you will run into someone daily that is passively or actively looking for a new opportunity. 

Let me say first hand that looking for a job is tough.  It is hard.  As Chad MacRae, a contestant on Top Recruiter 3 says:  “looking for a job is a full time job”.   Last night I watched episode 5 from Top Recruiter and it reminded me of why I am in recruiting today.

In this particular episode, the Top Recruiters from around the world were taken to a job fair in Miami where they were to be consultants to candidates and help direct them in their job search. Lindsay Stanton, Chief Client Officer, at Digi-Me, was a judge with Alex King.  Digi-Me turns job descriptions from text to video at a very high click-through rate. 

For many, looking for a job comes easily.  For most, looking for a job is a daunting task.  Some people have been with the same company for years while others are just beginning their job search.  The funny thing about looking for a job is that the rules change daily.  The days of looking for a job online and putting your resume in the applicant tracking system could land you in the dreaded “black hole” of applicants.

Kim Pope does an excellent job of talking about the importance of using LinkedIn to connect with the hiring managers.  She also talks about using Twitter to follow the people that you meet so you find out what opportunities are out there and also get to know them on a different level.

The bottom line is you have to do something to differentiate yourself from the pack.  Dressing appropriately at a job fair is key.  Knowing what type of job you are going after and being able to clearly articulate your “elevator pitch” in a short amount of time will affect your chances of getting the job.  60 seconds may be all you have, so you better make the most of it.

A part of being a good recruiter is having the ability to communicate and relate to the candidates.  Not every good candidate knows how to interview, write a resume, or present himself or herself in a favorable fashion.  A candidate may have the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise, but someone who can’t succinctly tell an employer what makes them the candidate of choice is going to lose.

I am proud to be a recruiter.  I will take on that burden of helping others who do not have those succeed.  It is nice to see that other recruiters will do the same.  If you want to see how the best recruiters from around the world do it, you can’t miss the latest episode and final challenge from Top Recruiter.

Watching people like Kim Pope, Chad MacRae and Van Phan show how the best of the best recruit in the industry and how they selflessly help others achieve their goals.  Alex King says it best:  “All people really want is a shot” .  “They want an opportunity”. 

It is our job as recruiters to give it to them.



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