Psychometrics in the Wrong Hands Can Be Dangerous...

By Martin Ellis

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Let me declare an interest up front. I use psychmoetrics. I didn't always, but I've learned to love them - but not at the expense of the other tools available to me. Good interview skills to assess somebodies skills, experience and enthusiasm are still a vital part of the recruitment process...

If you're going to use psychometrics, you need to use them properly, and remember they are just part of a toolkit. There are many assessments out there you can use. They can use similar science, but they all bring an element of objectivity that will help you make better decisions more often. They WILL NOT guarantee you will make the right employee decisions every time. If anybody tells you differently, they're either fooling themselves or fooling you. Or both.

If you're using psychometrics for the first time, or not happy with the results you're getting by using them, here are my top tips for getting them to help you:




Far too many people allow the psychometric to dictate their decision. I've seen people employ the graph (I use D.I.S.C. from Thomas International which delivers a simple graphic that can describe certain job types) rather than the person.

Psychometric analysis is a powerful tool, but like any tool, if you give it to an idiot, you can blow your foot off.

Best not, eh?



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