Recruiters – Imagine Being on the Receiving End of Your Dream Call!

By Tony Restell

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Let’s have a little fun! Imagine yourself in the office in the midst of your packed day of work. All around you recruitment consultants are busy trying to make placements…

The main phoneline rings out for the 8th time... Annoyed by your office's lack of enthusiasm you hesitantly pick up the call:

You: Hi *****, how can I help?

Caller: Hi there, can you put me through to Steph please?

You: She's not available I'm afraid, can I help?

Caller: Probably not to be honest, when will she be back?

You: I'm not sure, can I ask what the call's regarding. This sounds like a headhunt call?

Caller (undeterred): Yes it is, are you looking at all?

You: You don't know my name, how long I've been here, or whether I'm any good?

Caller: Oh don't worry, I place average consultants all the time!

This admittedly is an extreme example, but if you’re anything like the agency recruiters I speak with, you’ll have been in this situation before right?!

Hunted - the app for Recruiters

As soon as you have a little over 6 months’ recruitment experience you become a desirable asset for a competitor. Why?

Well, you've proven you're more than a flash in the pan. You have sales capability. You can cut it in the recruitment industry and might even be profitable.

Whether this is true or not, this is the perception to the outside world… The LinkedIn World.

LinkedIn is a window to the entire market of potential new hires and new opportunities. The only problem is that the window's made of privacy glass and often only silhouettes are visible.

Linkedin Silhouette

The current data set on your LinkedIn profile typically includes:

The paradox of LinkedIn means you're approachable by any possible employer, but they don't have the context they need to tailor an approach that's specific to you. That begs the question, how could this all be made more efficient?

The Quest for Information

The more a potential employer knows about you, the more targeted the approach can be. This increases the likelihood of your interest and lowers the chance of your time being wasted by irrelevant headhunt calls.

Wouldn't it be great if future callers had all the pertinent information to ensure the call was a) relevant and b) of interest?

The Devil's in the Detail

So what information would we want those headhunters to have about us to increase the likelihood of a call being relevant? How about:

Hunted Recruiter Profile

Take A Bow – Hunted… The App That Helps You Get Recruited!

Given the above shortcomings, it was great to meet the Founders of Hunted. They’ve sought to create an App that gives Recruitment companies this exact information, so that approaches can be made that are likely to be highly relevant to the recruiter receiving them. What’s more, they told me “We believe that if someone has the above information, but is actually restricted to not knowing your name, current employer, and how aesthetically pleasing you might be - they'll only be interested in you for exactly the right reasons.

So when you get yourself a profile on Hunted, you’ll find you're completely anonymous on Hunted - until you want to be otherwise. Effectively you're allowing companies to headhunt you and increasing the chances of the perfect match in the process.

Hunted App Anonymous Recruiter Profile

Whether you're active or passive, potential employers will be aware of your situation. You can approach hiring managers directly, ask questions and even get inside access to their offices. You're able to anonymously see whether the grass is actually greener.

All you need to do is:

If you're in recruitment it’s a no-brainer to have the Hunted app on your phone. If you're passive and not looking at all, they've built a deal tracker feature - which means you can progressively input your financial performance and see where you rank amongst peers in the industry. Pretty cool!

Placement Fees Tracker

Want to have a play with the app and see how it works for real? Then simply get Hunted for your iPhone or Android phone. Would love to hear your thoughts about the tool – do share in the comments below or tweet me on @tonyrestell.


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