Recruitment is Like a Box of Chocolates

By Helen Charles-Morgan MIOR

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There are so many different recruiters out there that unless we have a combination of all types the office would not function, just like a box of chocolates; it takes all types to make a great selection.

Recruitment is like a box of chocolates

Dizzy Praline;

Your fabulous office administrator, they do a great job and every office needs one

Tawny Port Truffle;

Your regional manager, refined and experienced, they make sure the office is motivated

Caramel Crunch;

Quite new to your selection, having not tried one before, the Office resourcer, you like it, they contribute so much to the selection, and one day will be a Whiskey Truffle,

Pink Champagne Truffle;

The new recruit, a bit bubbly, excited and really trying to fit in

Whisky Truffle;               

Quite a blunt consultant, a little bit maverick but does a great job

Billionaire’s Shortbread;

Your top billing consultant, Fantastic contribution to the selection, but always worried they will be picked by someone else.

Coffee & Walnut;

Contracts Consultant, has to be a bit tough, but reliable and you know what you’re getting

Raspberry Mousse;

Your long term consultant, reliable and predictable

Salt & Pepper Praline;

In all selections, mature billing consultant, wise and obtains a lot of repeat business

Remember a box of Billionaires shortbread or Coffee and Walnut would all disappear very quickly, so when planning your team, think of a box of chocolates, and go for flavours that complement each other, some flavours a bit different but you might like them, make your selection a good choice.

(The above does not reflect anyone I know personally and all flavours are actually flavours from a box of chocolates)


Helen Charles- Morgan

Image credit: CoCreatr


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