#SocialRecruiting Series: An Introduction & #Infographic

By Philip J.W. Smith

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Social recruiting.

It’s the new “it” thing in the land of recruiting, so if you’re not effectively using social media within both your personal life and professional pursuits, you will be less likely to be considered for promotion, be limiting opportunities for career transition, and compromising your chances of being the preferred candidate from the short-list in a new hire.

That said, if you’re not using social media at all, you’re in even more trouble career-wise.

Even worse, if you’re a recruiter and haven’t yet acknowledged that the metaphorical pendulum has grandly swung in favour of the social recruiting trend, you and your clients risk only ever being able to reach mediocre candidates.

Worry not, however, if your social media use is either feeble, non-existent, or just plain ignorant because over the next ten weeks or so, we will be hosting a series on the blog exploring the influence that various social media platforms have on every aspect of executive search.

We begin the series by offering “Exhibit A” for readers’ consideration - an infographic entitled, The Social Job Search, originally discovered on SocialTimes.com.

If you still doubt that social media effects the job search process, you only need to consider a few of the facts:

Be sure to follow this series to glean more insights and also to consider some of our related posts on the topic of social recruiting.

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