#SocialRecruiting Series: #Facebook Faux Pas

By Philip J.W. Smith

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Facebook is not likely to land you a new job, but it may cost you a new job.

You see, the craft of social recruiting involves the use of social media platforms for both recruiting and screening purposes. Depending on what recruiters and HR managers discover on your various social communication networks during the screening process, you could either be thrust to the top of or deleted from the candidate short list.

Not convinced?

All you need to do is examine the staggering facts in the infographic below entitled, Job Screening with Social Networks, from Reppler.

For example, you may find yourself the preferable candidate if your social communication habits showed:

On the other hand, you could blow your next job interview before you even step in the room if your social media profiles revealed:

With Facebook in particular, the platform is devoted to creating a timeline or representation of your life. Be sure, then, that your Facebook is an online representation of who you genuinely are offline.

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