This Is Why Candidates Need A Job Search Playlist [Infographic]

By Heather Huhman

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Think about the last time a catchy, new song came on the radio. The tune is stuck in your head all day, but the title and artist have quickly escaped you. It’s frustrating to think about that one jam that got away. Now, compare that to a quality candidate’s job search struggles: they saw your posting and realized it was their dream job. After emailing it to themselves to apply later when they had time to perfect their resume and cover letter, it was lost in the shuffle and they lost track of the posting.

The idea of losing great candidates thanks to lost job posts is even more frustrating, isn’t it? Rake -- an app that simplifies the job search by allowing job seekers to save, complete, and track applications all from one spot -- created the infographic below to show the issues job seekers are running into during the search process and how creating a simple playlist can prevent at least a few of these problems:

The job search process can feel overwhelming to manage and track. Check out the infographic below for tricks on how candidates can make it easier!

Have you ever lost track of a job posting? Let us know!

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