VIDEO: SXSW - More than just a good time for recruiters and job-seekers

By kylelagunas

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For those working in and with social and digital media or communications, SXSW is about much more than great parties and indie music. SXSWi (Interactive) is the portion of the festival reserved for thought leaders and innovators–and those interested in knowing what’s next in media and communications.

While the “war for talent” continues to generate a lot of discussion, the war was waged with avid enthusiasm at SXSWi–both from thought leaders on their soapboxes and tech recruiters in the trenches. Perhaps the most HR/recruiting-centric event was hosted by Craig Fisher and #TalentNet. This year’s great social recruiting summit drew a number of prominent voices in the industry. I set out with camera in hand and asked, "What does SXSWi have to do with HR and recruiting professionals?"

Check out my video to see what people said!

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