Would You Employ Adam?

By Social Media Manager - James R.C. Smith - Vancouver, BC

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Adam Pacitti made headlines this month when he spent his last £500 on a billboard to advertise himself as a job-seeker. While he already has experience of creating a web presence and engaging upon flighty projects, such as spending £6,000 on a hunt for an ‘ideal woman’, he now is eager to entice an employer to give him a chance.

With such an eye-catching stunt, he’s managed to get 4,000 Facebook likes and over 14,000 Twitter followers. He has created a number of documentary films, which although are low-budget, have been highly reviewed.

However, if you were an employer, would you hire Adam?

There are going to be inevitable follow-ups from press, along with a continuing offer from new companies who have seen his advert. Would you want to give a job to someone who has launched himself into the limelight and clearly enjoys it? Adam would clearly thrive in a position where he gets to be the centre of attention and has a Louis Theroux quality about him.

What do you think? Would you give someone like Mr Pacitti a job? He has taken on the initiative of advertising himself, but does this level of job-hunting fame come at a price?


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