Small Business Marketing - How To Generate Leads Using Social Media?

By Tony Restell

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Don't hire someone without first tuning in for this essential advice.

One key element of making social media work for your small business is proving the ROI. Once you can see that investing X hours or Y budget in social media is producing new leads for the business (or driving online sales), it isn't difficult to then justify increasing that budget or maintaining that presence.

Social Media Lead Generation

The challenge for most small businesses is actually figuring out how to get to that point. How can you put social media to work in your business in a way that it does consistently drive new leads or sales for the business?

I was delighted to be asked just recently to present on this topic. My hosts were Capability Jane Recruitment, who specialise in finding part-time talent to join fast-growing SME businesses - so the perfect audience to pick up these ideas and run with them.

The full recording of this session is provided below. In it you'll learn the impact social media can have on your business, how to develop your social media presence for maximum commercial impact... and many of the reasons you may have failed to generate business results to date. 

Should you need help figuring out how to put these ideas into practice in your SME business, you're very welcome to ask a question on twitter via @tonyrestell - or to book in straight away for a 1 hour consultation with one of our team.


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