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3 Phrases That Kill The Effectiveness of Your Executive Resume

Just because other resumes (both professionally created and self-written) employ a blend of monotonous, overused words doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Shake things up and inject some power into your personal brand message by refusing to add these mundane descriptors to your executive resume: What it says about you: "I'm not sure what other words to use, so I copied this opening line from hundreds of other resumes."

3 Times You Actually Should Reach Out to the Company Before Applying

For someone who currently makes a career out of giving people job search advice, I've made some pretty dumb mistakes. Take, for instance, the time I was convinced I'd found the perfect position for me and was so desperate to get it that I called the office multiple times and sent countless emails.

What You Need to Eliminate from a Good Cover Letter

A good cover letter spotlights a candidate's strengths and how he or she would fit into an organization. Unfortunately, too many applicants fail to write a good cover letter. Typically, this can be attributed to three reasons: Not including enough information. Including too much information. Not including the right kind of information.

3 Ways to Make Sure a Machine Doesn't Judge Your Job Search

This election season has resulted in a lot of talk about the algorithms that drive our social media news feeds, especially on Facebook. There's been much discussion about how these unknown "black boxes" can propel only certain kinds of news our way and completely block out other information - all without us really knowing about it or understanding how it works.

The Secret Weapon for Job-Winning Interviews

I know. You think I'm going to tell you that the "secret weapon" is something like targeting . . . or personal branding . . . or proactive networking . . . or deep preparation . . . or even hiring a professional job search strategist.