How Will Help You To Interact With Truly Great Recruiters

Social-Hire puts you - the candidate - fully in control of progressing your career. There are several key features that set us apart from other careers sites. As you use Social-Hire you'll realise that we've taken both the job board and the social network concepts and created a hybrid which grafts together all the best elements of each to maximise the jobseeker experience:

Social-Hire allows you to test the market discreetly

There's no mandatory registering of your CV / Resume. No creating identifiable profiles that your employer can then track like a hawk for signs that you may be thinking of leaving. No sharing of your details with recruiters until you decide that the time is right and discussions have progressed to the point where you want to proceed.

On Social-Hire you'll create an anonymous candidate profile, giving Recruiters enough information about your background and professional experience to attract their interest and start a dialogue. Meaning you can constantly be testing the market discreetly to see what career moves could be open to you - and leaving open the possibility of your being approached about fantastic opportunities that arise in the months and years after you register your profile.

Social-Hire allows you to personalise site content

It's a simple concept. Recruiters who've impressed you and who you've had professional dealings with in the past you will want to hear from again. Recruiters who've lacked professionalism or who you've heard bad things about from others you are similarly unlikely to want to engage with.

That's why on Social-Hire you will choose Recruiters to follow (and indeed unfollow), so that the "My Updates" section is always populated with content from the Recruiters most likely to be able to assist you in your career move. Contrast that with a regular jobs board, where the financial incentives are such that the content of the recruiters paying the most for advertising has to be given priority irrespective of whether this is in the best interests of the candidate.

Social-Hire helps you to learn about vacancies before they are ever advertised

By facilitating direct discussions with Recruiters, Social-Hire positions you such that you may learn about or be considered for vacancies before they are ever advertised. You can also seek to have your questions answered before investing the time to craft a formal application, increasing the likelihood that you'll be applying to roles for which you are well suited.

Through the provision of instant messaging and video calls functionality, you can progress discussions with Recruiters with the urgency that such matters may warrant. All in all it's a very different proposition and one that you'll only fully appreciate as your use of the site grows.

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