Careers At Philips Healthcare - Making Contact With A Philips Healthcare Recruiter

So you've decided you would like to pursue a career at Philips Healthcare. Or at the very least you want to find out more about careers at Philips Healthcare and establish whether they would be the right next career step for you. But what next? In all likelihood you'd want to be able to talk to someone within Philips Healthcare to find out more, maybe even a recruiter there...

This is where having a candidate profile on can help, as it provides the platform for you to have anonymous and discreet conversations directly with recruiters from leading employers like Philips Healthcare (create your candidate profile here)...

Careers At Philips Healthcare - Making Contact With A Philips Healthcare Recruiter

The rise of social media has transformed how candidates can engage with potential employers, find out about career opportunities and present themselves as an ideal candidate. Only a few years ago, finding and applying to jobs advertised online would have been the primary online route to securing a career at Philips Healthcare and other such leading employers. Calling contacts from your network to gain a recommendation or introduction to a Philips Healthcare recruiter or decision maker would correspondingly have been the preferred offline route.

Fast-forward to today and most of the world's leading employers have a significant presence on social media platforms, presenting you the candidate with a whole new - and more effective - means of finding out about and expressing an interest in a role. Recruiting has effectively been turned on its head. Promising candidates are very likely to have engaged with a recruiter or employee at Philips Healthcare before they even consider crafting a CV or resume to apply for a position. Through networking on social media, candidates will have found out more about the company and the role - plus established their credibility and built a relationship with someone within the business - long before making their application.

Consider that for a moment. The traditional route of submitting a CV or resume relies on yours standing out from the crowd. But by using social media and engaging with recruiters in advance, you can actually have them eager to receive your application and actively looking out for it when it comes through. How much of an edge could that give you?

There are of course numerous platforms you could use to strike up rapport with leading recruiters. We believe that Social-Hire gives you an edge by allowing you to i) approach and have discussions with recruiters anonymously - meaning your jobhunting can be conducted below the radar and you alone determine when you reveal your identity; and ii) directly approach and interact with any recruiter listed on our site without having had to reach out to them through your network or having had to get them to follow you before you can start a one-on-one private discussion.

Once registered on Social-Hire you can search for and interact with recruiters from a variety of leading employers such as Philips Healthcare, as well as leading executive recruiters serving your sector. It only takes a moment to get started, so why not create your candidate profile now?