Custom Social Media Benchmarking Report

Discover what your competition are doing right and wrong on social media. Learn about your own company's strengths and weaknesses. Our custom 20 page benchmarketing report will provide these insights and more. Devour these findings and then schedule a 1 hour consultation to figure out how best to adapt your social media strategy. Our expert analysis will help you to take the lead in your niche market.


“Tony Restell and the Social-Hire team have helped us develop a cohesive social media strategy. They helped me think through our social strategy and how to reach, listen and respond to customers and prospects. We’re big fans of Social-Hire and plan on being customers for a very, very long time.”

Dean Nicolls, VP of Marketing


Commission Your Bespoke Social Media Report 

Commissioning your report and an hour's consultation to run through the findings costs less than engaging an experienced consultant for even a day. You'll then have the knowledge and expert recommendations you need to boost your social media results in-house; or can choose to turn to Social-Hire as your ongoing outsourced providers if you don't have the resources to develop your social media presence yourselves. 

Simply choose your preferred currency below to commission your 20 page report and we'll then book in a time for your consultation call ~6 weeks from now, once we've monitored social media activities across your market for a month and compiled your bespoke report.

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