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Your Step-by-Step Recipe for Finding (and Hiring) A-Players

There's no single ingredient to success more important than people. That's why, as a business leader, you should take the time to carefully choose whom you surround yourself with on a daily basis. You'll likely spend more time with them than you spend with members of your own family.

When I Am Asked, How To Get Into Social Media Recruiting

In conversations I have had over the last few months, I have been asked by a couple HR VPs and Directors that they wanted to launch into social media recruiting and wanted to know how I would do it. Going forward, I think my first question I ask is "why do you want to go on social media?"

The Unique Way EVERY Recruiter Should Be Attracting Top Talent

Richard Branson once tweeted: "The art of storytelling can be used to drive change". And over the last few years, science has proven that stories are actually able to change people's attitudes and opinions.

4 Steps to Improving Your Talent Acquisition Process

You know that a successful recruitment process goes beyond filling an empty desk. That's why you go after the best talent. You know that focusing on talent will bring you a competent and engaged employee, saving you time and money. But how do you do that successfully?

Guiding Hiring Decisions with Candidate Personas

A comprehensive candidate persona can help your talent team know the exact fit for a role. A candidate persona enables us with a deeper understanding of the talent pool and increases the likelihood of rich, valuable engagement. Combine existing employee data with your intuitions and educated observations, and you're closer to identifying the perfect hire.