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What Makes an Engaging Job Posting? 9 Mighty Recruiters Weigh In | MightyRecruiter

By David Smooke In a time when recruiters have to act like marketers, a job posting has become much more than simply a black-and-white breakdown of duties and responsibilities. Sure, a job posting is still centered on how your company represents its job opportunities to the world.

19 Recruiting Strategies to Make Hiring Your Top Growth Hack

At startups, we're obsessed with growth hacks. We fantasize about becoming the next Airbnb by hacking Craigslist, or the next Dropbox by nailing referrals. But one growth hack I'll challenge you on is recruiting. After product market fit, nothing is more important to growth than hiring the right people.

Spend Time With the Right Candidates

In order to kick start the second half of the year with success (where is 2016 going?!), it's worth assessing whether or not you're spending time with the right candidates.You may find yourself in a mid-year lull, going through the motions, speaking to as many candidates as you can, trying to fill the squillions of jobs you're working on before your head explodes with the pressure...

Hiring Managers - Here's How You Might be Scaring Away Great Talent

As a headhunter, I often hear stories about challenging interviews and horrible bosses. Once, I was shaving at the gym and a guy was telling me about a marathon interview session he had just endured. He was sharp, had a great mix of work experience and went to a good school.

How to Hire the Best Candidate (Not Just the Best Interviewer)

You've screened dozens of applicants, vetted a select few through multiple stages of your hiring process, and now you're down to the final two candidates. First there is Sarah. Interviewing her is like playing a great game of tennis. You serve the question and she smashes it right back with a well-crafted answer.