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10 free things you need to do now to attract great employees

As recruiters we are always busy, busy managing recruitment processes, speaking to candidates and hiring managers, sourcing candidates, getting involved in recruitment projects, solving problems and all sorts of other stuff, that's unlikely to be your job as we are usually ridiculously helpful and employees know who we are!

10 Reasons More Recruitment Start-Ups Are Needed - NPAWorldwide

Some would argue that the recruitment industry has enough participants and we really do not need any new recruitment start-ups. While that would be great for those already entrenched, that is just not how the free market operates. If the existing recruitment agencies were delivering with perfection, no new agencies would be able to break into the industry.

There is a war on Talent - And only one person is in control!

No matter what industry you work in, I can tell you right now that there is a war on talent! Everyday great candidates are being contacted by multiple head-hunters, in-house recruiters and even being forwarded targeted jobs based on LinkedIn's highly sophisticated skill matcher.

Long Live HR Experimentation!

When invited to a newly revised onboarding session, that I entitled "Onboarding Experiment," one of our new hires told me how she loved that I used the word experiment. My immediate reaction? Crap. She's onto me. I find myself using that word quite a lot in reference to initiatives I'm working on.

Recruiting in the Time of Retention

We aren't sure if you noticed but there is a talent war going on out there. Once happy employees are looking for new opportunities. With wage stagnation at an odd high, who could blame them? It has never been more important to have a strong retention strategy in place. Pop quiz!