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Are you sure there's a talent shortage? Or just a shortage of talent in your recruitment process?

From time to time I get called upon to be the "candidate whisperer" when I talk to recruiters and employers about job hunters' experience. I actually wish more people would ask me, as I am a little bit over hearing how hard it is to find good talent.

Why should HR practitioners spend time responding to those applicants who do not qualify?

I have worked in internal HR and I know just how hard it is for good HR staff to gain traction with line managers in their business. People can see you as 'fluff' and 'airy-fairy' and basically be obstructive and difficult. Sometimes being in HR is like being a parent...you...

Is Technology Replacing Recruiters?

In an increasingly technology-driven world where the Internet of Things is taking over and mobile devices live in everyone's pocket, both businesses and consumers are always changing to keep up with technology. Every field is constantly evolving to meet the demands of advanced technology, whether it was the use of computers and email in the workplace, the invasion of mobile devices or the widespread use of cloud-based technology.

How To Recruit On LinkedIn

Recently I discussed the slowdown in tech hiring, which is already reflected in today's longer and more difficult hiring cycles as hiring managers are more selective with the quality of candidates. Recruiting and job seeking has become significantly more challenging as offers are given out only to candidates who meet all requirements without fail.

How to Survive as the New HR Pro at a Company

Recruiting is a company's "circle of life," when someone leaves, someone new is hired. While it is typically HR's duty to fill out the paperwork associated with this process, at times, HR itself is the victim of turnover.