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HireVue is Eating the Interviewing World

It's been a huge few days at HireVue for interview stats. Two days in a row with more than 6k interviews completed each day. In fact, candidates have completed more HireVue interviews in the past 8 days than they did in all of 2012. That's more than 4500% growth in the past 4 years.

Employer Branding: 10 Reasons Your Growth Depends On It [Infographic]

Learn what employer branding really is and how to grow your business. Expert tips on employer marketing to beat the hiring crunch.

The Top 5 Mistakes Recruitment Teams Are Making on Social Media

If you're a recruiter eager to bring in more client leads or attract more candidates, then social media should have you really excited. If you get your strategy right, then social media should be bringing in a flow of candidate leads and/or client prospects every week.

3 Ways to Slash Costs if You're Running a Recruitment Agency

In the UK, the recruitment sector grew bigger than its pre-crisis peak, boasting an annual turnover of £28.7 billion in 2014. US-based employment and recruiting agencies, on the other hand, generated $28 billion in revenue while enjoying an annual growth rate of 4.6%. Great news for head-hunters and employment agencies indeed!

Selling Your Candidate

There are unique challenges associated with convincing a hiring manager that a candidate is the right one. Recruiters must achieve a balancing act of supporting both client and candidate needs, matching their client's wish list of a candidate, while also directing candidates toward the right role.