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How Recruitment Marketing Has Been Transformed

Social Media has had a huge impact on recruitment marketing. Those companies harnessing it effectively are seeing results that competitors can only dream of. That's why it's critical that your business learns the art of boosting your recruitment marketing using social media - or engages the services of others who do.

Some of the trends you'll probably recognise that have been impacting your own market include:
[+] Employer and Recruiter Brand Building on Social Media
In every niche there are recruitment businesses and corporates growing their recruitment brand presence on social media. They are aggressively building an audience of fans and followers, people engaging with their company and often referring them to their networks in turn. Some businesses are striking up relationships with potential future clients. Some are growing a highly targeted audience of candidates in their sector. Worryingly they are building up a lead that it will be very costly for other businesses to claw back at a later date. This is certainly one key area of recruitment marketing you should consider addressing. Let us help.
[+] Candidate Sourcing via Social Media
Arguably the single most obvious impact that social media has had is the way it has enabled anyone from internal recruiters to start-up recruitment businesses to find and approach candidates direct. This has led to a ballooning of internal recruitment teams tasked with finding and approaching candidates direct - and a corresponding drop in the number of roles being filled via traditional job boards. LinkedIn is obviously the tool that most people are familiar with, but there's a huge range of other social sites offering similar information - often searchable in one hit through the use of "people aggregators". Has your team been left behind? Get help with sourcing.
[+] Poaching of Staff Skilled in Social Recruiting
As businesses have woken up to the importance of social recruiting skills for their overall recruitment marketing effectiveness, it's no surprise that those with such skills have been being poached with increasing ferocity! It's not just recruiters with social recruiting skills who are in demand either; recruitment consultants who've learnt how to use social media to generate client leads are understandably sought after. One way to address this is of course to train your staff in social media skills or indeed to run a crash course to bring your team up to speed.
[+] The Evolution of Job Boards
We're starting to see the emergence of job board services that combine a traditional job vacancy posting with proactive steps being taken in the background to market the role via the most appropriate social media channels and into relevant communities. Of course if the advertiser also has a compelling recruitment presence on social media then this produces the strongest returns, as candidates will be more familiar with the brand and have scope to engage with the recruiting team directly. If you'd like to experiment with sending social media generated candidates direct to your careers pages, you can incorporate this into your recruitment marketing by trying a social advertising campaign today.
[+] Employee Referral Schemes
This is perhaps the element of recruitment marketing that has gone under the radar the most. Old employee referral approaches requiring staff to make lots of effort - and producing only modest returns - have been given a shot of adrenalin with the injection of a social recruiting element. Now referral platforms allow the networks of all your existing employees to be automatically scoured for ideal candidate matches. The impact has been overwhelming, with many companies reporting they are now making 1/3 or more of their hires via this channel alone.

Alongside all of the above, you're undoubtedly making greater use of social sites to screen your candidates, to improve the candidate experience and / or to give your employees a voice. If you'd like to explore what you could be doing to boost your recruitment marketing effectiveness further, do feel free to request a call with our team. We'd be delighted to help!