Why Set Up A Recruiter Profile?

> Approach candidates discretely and effectively
> Browse candidate profiles without restriction or cost
> Interact with candidates earlier in their decision cycle
> Follow candidates you think you'll be able to help in the future
> Post jobs / career content and share on social media

Registration is easy using your existing LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook account - or alternatively set up a standalone Social-Hire account. Whichever option you choose, the service is 100% free for you to use!

IMPORTANT: recruiter profiles are vetted by the Social-Hire team. Candidates on the site rightly expect to know who they are dealing with - and to know that we have verified your email address. You'll be pleased to learn that we apply the same rigour to candidate registrations too!

Next Steps

Once you've created yourself a user account and completed the email verification process, you're a few short steps away from having your basic recruiter presence on Social-Hire.com established. Then you can start searching candidate profiles, following candidates you feel you might help in the future - and directly contacting those you'd like to discuss careers with right away!

We walk you through these steps below. But before proceeding to do that, do take a moment to help others in your network by alerting them to Social-Hire. One of the most important aspects of using social networking to attract talent is to go out of your way to help others - so that they in turn want to help you. Alert your network to Social-Hire using the buttons below and then proceed on to complete the short steps described thereafter:

LinkedIn Alert Your Network Invite Google Plus Contacts Invite Twitter Friends Facebook Friends Invitation

Step 1 - Choose your Full Display Name and Link Your Account

Define the Full Name that candidates will see alongside everything that you post here on Social-Hire.com ; candidates may choose to remain anonymous on their profiles but it's reassuring for them to know the names of the recruiters they are dealing with so it's better to use your Full Name than just displaying your username.

You're welcome to include other information in your "Full Name" that will help flag to candidates if you're the type of recruiter that could help them. For example you could put:

RECRUITER - Your Name - Recruiting Specialism and / or Company - Location

eg. RECRUITER - Owen Brown - Financial Risk & Audit - Sydney

eg. RECRUITER - Mandy Jones - HR Manager @ BBC - London

To set this up, go to the top right of your screen. Click on your username to bring up the menu and select "Account Settings". Here you will see you can change your "Full Name".

Change Your Account Settings On Social-Hire.com

While you're in your account settings, you will see that you can also connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your Social-Hire account. Follow these steps so you instantly have the option to post any content you create here on Social-Hire into your Facebook or Twitter streams.

Step 2 - Write your Recruiter Profile

The first information any candidate (or client) will see about you when they click your name anywhere on the site is the information you provide in your profile. You can add text detailing the type of recruiting you undertake - and the candidates you are most likely to be able to help. Plus you can add links that will direct people to your company website, LinkedIn account or any other web resource you choose.

Edit Your Profile On Social-Hire.com

You can make these changes by going to the same menu area at the top right of your screen and clicking on "Edit Profile". 

Step 3 - Add your Photo (or Company Logo)

If you're a regular user of any social media site, you'll know that people react much more favourably to contributors who are not using the default images that come pre-loaded on a new account. Take a moment to upload a photo of yourself, your offices, your company logo; anything that will brighten your profile and make it look like you care about the image you portray to candidates. You can do this from the same drop-down menu at the top right of your screen.

Step 4 - Register For Recruiter Alerts

On the top right hand side of this page you'll see a sign-up option for receiving our occasional Recruiter email alerts. By registering you'll receive occasional alerts about best practice on the site and initiatives we're launching to make it even easier for you to strike up relationships with placeable candidates.

We hate spam too, so you'll only receive from us communications that genuinely merit your attention.

Step 5 - Load Jobs & Great Content To Engage Candidates

Social-Hire gives you your own blogging and publishing platform. Click "New blog post" in the top menu and you will be able to publish:

  • Jobs (in text or video format)
  • Career / Interview Advice Articles
  • Market Updates

These will appear both on your own Profile page and on relevant candidate pages throughout the site. You can also promote your posts via Twitter or Facebook at the time of publishing - and from within each page you can also share via LinkedIn and a host of other media.

Step 6 - Join Career Interest Groups & Contribute To Discussions

Make it easy for relevant candidates to find you by joining career interest groups and / or answering candidates' career-related questions within the forums of the career interest groups. Within these groups, follow any candidates you see who you think you would be interested in recruiting at some point in the future. This ensures that their future activity and questions will appear in your personalised "My Updates" section of the site, giving you further opportunities to engage with them. It will also result in them receiving a notification that you are following them and thus prompt them to take a look at your profile.


The recruiters getting the best results from Social-Hire are proactively searching for candidates in their sector, rather than waiting for candidates to find them. So do use our search facility to start the ball rolling with some of the great executive candidates we have registered here on Social-Hire. Find suitable candidates, follow them - and if you have an opportunity to put to them right away use the free direct messaging facility to contact them discreetly.

Thank you!

We're delighted you've chosen to join the Social-Hire revolution. Thank you. Our ambitions are sky high and we will be working day and night to see that this platform lives up to its promise.