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We help small businesses to attract new customers

Here are just some of the ways we're helping small businesses to market themselves and attract new customers using social media. Discover how you can draw on the expertise of a trusted agency:

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Social Media Transforms Small Business Marketing

Social Media is having a huge impact on the ways small businesses market themselves. Those companies using social media effectively are seeing results that their competitors can only dream of. That's why it's critical that your business learns the art of marketing and generating leads on social media - or engages the services of others who do have that expertise.

Some of the trends you'll probably recognise that have been impacting your own market include:
[+] Customers Turning To Social Media Rather Than Google
For years small businesses have struggled to rank highly on Google, which has hit their ability to attract the interest of potential new customers and stay front of mind with existing customers. Today people are just as likely to find a company through social media as they are through Google. That's opening up a whole new sales and marketing channel for small businesses around the world.

This is the modern day gold rush. In every niche there are now businesses starting to grow their brand presence on social media. They are aggressively building an audience of fans and followers, people engaging with their company and often recommending them on social media in turn. Those companies with the right social media expertise are fast turning social media into their single biggest source of new customer leads. Worryingly they are building up a lead that it will be very costly for other businesses to claw back at a later date. Don't let it be your business that falls behind. Turn to us for help.
[+] Customers Increasingly Shopping on a Smartphone
Small business marketing is also having to evolve rapidly because of the huge shift there has been in the ways that customers are using the internet. Today the majority of your customers are likely to be accessing the internet from their smartphones. This has opened up the potential to run local marketing campaigns on social media to target people when they are in your neighbourhood. It also means that small businesses have needed to adapt so that they are not solely reliant on email newsletters to market to their customers.

Small businesses taking the lead here are ensuring that their brand is in front of customers - and driving them to take action - no matter what time of day or night it is... and no matter if the customer is sat at a computer, on a tablet or reading their smartphone. 
[+] Customers Less Responsive to Email and Phone Marketing
Small business marketing has had to adapt to two significant changes that impact how new business is won. Firstly many businesses are finding that the effectiveness of email is in decline. Younger generations are far more likely to be using instant messaging or social media to stay in touch - and so aren't as responsive to email marketing campaigns. Plus every age group is increasingly reading their emails from a smartphone - and that's harming clickthroughs and conversions from email campaigns.

Alongside this, sales people are increasingly finding it hard to reach cold call prospects on the phone - for a whole variety of reasons. The dream outcome of small business marketing is therefore that it consistently produces a stream of prospects who want to have a call, or ideally who actually book in a time for a call. That's prompted by an initial contact made via social media rather than via the phone - and so requires a fundamental shift in where small businesses are investing their marketing dollars.

Alongside the above, you probably see businesses making greater use of social sites to communicate special offers, to retarget people who've been considering a purchase and to run contests and stimulate customer referrals. That's why it's so important to act, while there's still the chance for your business to build a lead over your competitors (rather than playing catch-up!). If you'd like to explore what you could be doing to boost your small business marketing efforts on social media, do feel free to request a call with our team. We'd be delighted to help!