Social Media Crash Course for Recruiters

Social Media Crash Course for Recruiters
Are you anxious that your recruiting team aren't making the most of social media and haven't fully embraced social recruiting techniques? Would you like to close the gap to your competitors by quickly boosting the social recruiting skills and competence that your team possess? If so, our Social Media Crash Course for Recruiters is exactly what you need to accelerate the recruiting results you achieve via social media.

These 4 hour sessions are delivered via remote web conferencing, meaning your key team members can participate from anywhere in the world. This format removes unnecessary travel costs and also means we're able to show your team step-by-step exactly how to generate results using social tools.

Our clients love the step-change in competence and results from having worked with us:

"Tony Restell and the Social-Hire team have helped us develop a cohesive social media strategy. This goes way beyond creating our Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ pages. Tony helped us think though our social strategy and how to reach, listen and respond to candidates and prospects. They have given us the tools, the training, and the best practices to engage with our audience in a more personal and genuine way."

Dean N. - Recruitment Technology Company

"We are exceptionally pleased with the results so far and have picked up many clients via Twitter and also more importantly, given the market, we are picking up candidates too."

Sarah B. - Recruitment Agency


The following critical components make up our crash course, with time also set aside to tackle any company-specific challenges you may be facing. All crash course bookings also come with 30 days of follow-up email support, should any of your team need additional assistance in putting the ideas into practice.  

Social Media Crash Course for Recruiters - Key Points

  • What kinds of results can you expect to see from investing time in social media? 
  • Defining i) your target audience, ii) how to reach them and iii) your ultimate business objectives for your social media presence
  • Step-by-step: How to build a strong corporate presence on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and Facebook 
  • Bonus step: How to leverage the networks of all of the individual recruiters on your team
  • How to proactively use social media to spark client conversations or candidate interactions
  • How to use social media to boost your search engine rankings
  • Social media targeted advertising explained
  • Free and low-cost tools you can use to accelerate your results  

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value for money and seeing that your team gain the insights and skills needed to achieve a step-change in the recruiting results you enjoy via social media. There's just one flat fee for your crash course session and you're welcome to enrol multiple members of your team to participate. Indeed the cost is less than hiring a social media consultant for even one day! UK clients may book this course for a one-off fee of £599 + Vat, whilst overseas clients pay just US$925.

To get started, simply click the button below to book in a convenient time for your team's crash course. Subject to availability, this time can be changed at no further cost. Please provide your invoicing details when submitting your booking. Or to discuss your crash course needs with us first, simply schedule a call
We look forward to helping you turn a corner with your social recruiting efforts!

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