Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your use of the Social-Hire website. Clients engaging Social-Hire's social media marketing services should refer to the terms & conditions for the provision of social media marketing services.

The Social-Hire service has primarily been developed i) to help initiate career conversations between Candidates and Recruitment Agents / Employers; and ii) to allow Recruitment Agents / Employers to make Candidates aware of vacancies that they are currently looking to fill. All users undertake to respect these aims and to refrain from any behaviour on the site which does not seek to further the career progression of our Candidate members. In particular, the website is not provided for the purposes of proactively soliciting business from any user. Whilst members are welcome to publish material that would encourage and enable potential clients to make contact with them, members shall not use the Social-Hire site to solicit business from other users in an unprompted manner.

All candidate and recruiter profiles registered on Social-Hire.com are the property of the individual who registered them and not the property of the company that employs those individuals. By allowing employees to create a profile on the Social-Hire website employers waive all rights to that profile and acknowledge that the profile shall remain the property of the individual who created it. By registering a profile on the site, members grant Social-Hire the right to market their profiles and all content published by the member in campaigns to attract additional recruiter / candidate visitors to the site. In the case of employers / recruiters, permission is also granted for Social-Hire to make use of a member's photo / company name / logo in marketing campaigns aimed at attracting to the site candidates that would potentially be of interest to that member to interact with.

Users warrant to comply with all applicable laws in their use of the Social-Hire website. This includes - but is not restricted to - compliance with all recruitment and discrimination laws. Users also accept that the Social-Hire team reserve the right to suspend the account of any member and / or delete materials from the website without prior warning and at the sole discretion of Social-Hire.com

The Social-Hire website has been developed on the SocialGo platform. Users of the Social-Hire website agree to be bound by all conditions set out by SocialGo at the following URL: