Cool Tools for Job Seekers

By Kim Monaghan

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When asked about online resources used in their search, a job seeker’s most common response includes Monster, Career Builder and Indeed. While these prominent job banks market thousands of open positions and dozens of career resources, there are plenty of “niche” web sites that - when incorporated into a job search plan - increase exposure and opportunity.

Regional Resources:

Determining where you want to work not only reduces search time but increases your potential for long-term success. Best-Performing Cities is a great tool for virtual visitation and provides an interactive map with economic growth indicators. Once you’ve narrowed your location, tap into the city and state banks. With little to no charge to employers “tagged” by these website hosts, this opens the door a little wider for job seekers. A solid example includes The Texas Job Source, connecting job seekers with employers and recruiters in the Lone Star state.

There are also numerous career expos available in every city or local educational institutions and most are open to anyone seeking transition. Though it may seem a little daunting, or “old school,” this is still one of the best ways to secure face-to-face introductions with potential employers. If you haven’t relocated yet, no worries, events like the Michigan's Virtual Career Fair provide platforms for employee-candidate interaction from the comfort of your home.

Social Media:

Corporations and organizations are making smart use of social media, not only to engage, inform and market to the online community, but to connect with and find web-savvy job seekers. Try Twitter's Job Community or LinkedIn, and run a “key word” search on anything from occupational title to desired location. Keep in mind, social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are extremely cost effective approaches for organizations when it comes to advertising positions and looking for qualified candidates, often one third of the cost of major online job banks. This is why your profiles and online pro-activeness can launch you above the competition.

Company Websites:

What might seem obvious is often approached half-heartedly. Despite all those company websites you’re following, there are many left untapped. The next time you take a drive through your target city, don’t just look up at the large well-advertised company’s skyscrapers but rather look around at all the buildings and businesses that are not as prominently recognized. What businesses are willing to pay big bucks for you to help them compete with the big dogs? Look deeper into your community for relevant businesses and industries on sites such as Zoom Info, so you can better flesh out your list of company websites to follow.?

Micro Search Sites:

Websites hosted by organizations, associations, or non-profit companies post millions of “hidden” jobs every year. This is one way in which “word of mouth” goes public. But following all of these sites on a regular basis is a time-sucker so instead think and search creatively to develop a list of your frequently must visit Micro Search Sites. For example, The American Alliance of Museums host national job postings for those interested in art, history or any other function a museum might require.

Idealist is another targeted to those looking for jobs where they can make a difference. But some sites are even more micro than this. Take Malakye, an action sports website designed for propelling a wide range of careers and Dice, a site targeting the information technology market. So how do you develop your personalized list of micro search sites? Routinely running key word searches will unearth some of the most interesting and valuable cool tools available for job seekers in today’s market. ?


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