9 Questions to Ask Before Sending Your CV

By Andrew Fennell

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We all know that mistakes on your CV can lead to rejection and disappointment in your job search, so you must do everything in your power to avoid them. One of the best ways to ensure that your CV is error-free is by thoroughly proofreading and ensuring that it contains everything needed to convince an employer to interview you. To help you check your own CV, StandOut CV have provided this handy checklist detailing 9 questions you should ask before sending your CV to anybody.

Start by asking, does it look professional? Your CV is your marketing material, so it must give you an impeccably professional appearance. Ensure the font is clean and simple, there are no spelling mistakes and your email address doesn’t contain any nicknames.

Does it create impact upon opening? To capture the attention of busy recruiters, your CV must make a big impact from the moment it is opened. Use a punchy profile to pitch your talents and make the most sought after requirements for your target roles prominent.

See the complete list below.

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