Break Your Silence. Make Some Noise During a Job Search!

By Martin Buckland - Executive Career Management Professional

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I am very fortunate to live in the country where silence is common; in fact, often I can hear a pin drop! However periodically during the day and night the silence is broken by the sound of activity on the two nearby railway lines. The noise signals movement, products moving from A to B, getting ready to be positioned in front of the consumer.

Activating a successful job search means making some noise. There is no point being silent when you’re in career transition or you could languish in silence and unemployment far longer than necessary.

Make LOTS of noise, both online and in-person, as part of your job search strategy. Position yourself in front of career influencers!

The good folks at Jobvite are right when they stated in their 2013 Social Recruiting Survey: “Anyone not leveraging social referrals is behind the curve” According to the survey, 94% of recruiters use or plan to use social media as part of their recruitment strategy with 78% of respondents actually completing a hire as a result of their digital recruitment search. Make some noise on the top 3 social platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Create postings that showcase your field of expertise, comment on other industry specific postings or start your own blog. These are just some of the avenues available online to generate buzz about your career expertise and attract attention from potential employers and other career influencers.

The second most popular recruitment source, after social networking, is referrals. Seize every in-person opportunity to make some noise – share with your friends, family, neighbours, at community events, personal appointments, just about anywhere and anytime – what type of role you’re seeking. Be prepared to articulate a clear message; practice creating a 30 or 60 second elevator speech. It’s impossible for someone to help you in your job quest if you remain silent.

Silence is great when you intentionally want to enjoy some planned downtime; when you’re in career transition and the phone isn’t ringing, it’s time to make some noise.


About the Author:

Martin Buckland is a multi-credentialed Career Management Professional. His industry certifications include: Social Networking Career Strategist; Certified Social Media Career Strategist; Online Professional Networking Strategist; Certified International Job & Career Transition Coach; and Certified Professional Resume Writer.

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