Candidate Tips: 5 Ways To Improve Your Social Presence

By Tony Restell

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I recently wrote the article "Getting Hired: The Simple But Overlooked Steps Every Candidate Must Take In The Networked Economy". Following some great feedback, I'm planning on publishing Part II in the coming weeks - which has resulted in me hunting down as many nuggets as I can about social media and the role it is playing in transforming the hiring landscape.

This latest infographic is aimed at students looking for internships, but actually some of the key messages are just as relevant for experienced hire candidates. The "5 Things You Can Do To Optimize Your Social Presence" towards the bottom is certainly a good checklist for anyone considering a return to the jobs market any time this year. For a more in-depth assessment of the steps a candidate should be taking, I would definitely recommend visiting the above article too. 

The one statistic I did want to pull out from this infographic though is the one regarding referrals. There are sure to be huge variations around the world and depending on sector. But nevertheless, the statistic that 1 in 219 candidates found via online job boards is hired is startling - when compared with the 1 in 10 figure quoted for referrals.

I would caution all candidates that social media has opened up the potential for employers to be far more proactive in their sourcing of candidates via the personal referral route. So if you are not actively working your network and building your social media reach, chances are you are harming your prospects of securing the best possible job move for you.  See the following article if you'd like any more data on this trend:

Jobvite Data Confirms What We All Suspected: Referrals Are The Leading Source Of Candidate Hires


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