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By RECRUITER - Caryn Darley - Engineering and Technical - Enshrine Placements South Africa

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Enshrine Incites is an online publication and resource designed to provide content to inspire you and resources to support you, with an aim to encourage greater synergy between what you do for a living and who you are in your life as a whole.

Enshrine Incites is a resource of over 130 (and growing) inspirational texts which include contemplations and exercises. Created by Enshrine Placement's resident Creative Consultant, Lanon Carl Prigge – they are designed to bring you closer to the unique value you have to offer the world. Lanon has been working as a Creative Consultant and Vocation Specialist since 2000 and the inspiration for the incites material comes from several hundred hours of one on one, couples, group and corporate coaching he has facilitated to assist individuals and businesses to uncover their inner and outer resources, and leverage their unique value and relationships.

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Power is not to join those you cannot beat, but to stand fast amidst a sea of unconsciousness and nurture the flame within. Power is not to garner as much wealth as you can to protect you from the chaos of life, but to confront the fear of poverty directly and heal it with your abundance. Power is not to try to live as long as you can, but to live as well as you can. Power does not concern itself with being better, but with being the best it can be. Power is not gained from the outside but cultivated from the inside.

While Enshrine Placements is a recruitment consultancy servicing the engineering industry, the greater vision of Enshrine is ultimately focussed on ‘enshrining’ human potential as a means toward establishing a more sustainable and ecologically aware future.

As a specialist recruitment agency, we know the power of placing the right skills and talents in the right place. We have witnessed time and time again how important the relationship between your skills and your natural passions and drives is. It is amazing to see what the right person in the right position at the right time can accomplish – just as you can when your natural inner resources have the chance to find expression through what you do.

To ‘enshrine’ something means to preserve and protect it, to create a sacred space for it and around it. To ‘incite’ means to prompt to action, to activate movement, to set something in motion. To make yourself sacred, or to ‘enshrine’ yourself, begins with accepting where you are at and working with the circumstances of your life instead of against them. To be enshrined means: to actively be yourself. Enshrine Incites hopes to become an agent in your unfolding journey, by providing you with creative impulses that guide you to finding and experiencing your true value and stirring you into productive participation with your true self, others, and life itself.

Enshrine Incites offers creative prompts, valuable advice and inspirational content to assist you to navigate many of the pitfalls and challenges we naturally encounter in our day to day life and work.

“Work is akin to prayer when it is done not solely to maintain life but for a higher purpose.”

(Rudolf Laban)

Only when work becomes an extension and an expression of our deeper truth, and serves the unfolding of, and our discovery of, our true potential – does it have significant value for us. The truth is that the work we do should be a playground where we have the opportunity to adventure, grow and evolve.

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